Nov 29, 2005

Switch Between Two iTunes Libraries: Multiple Methods

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Update 12/17/2006:

With iTunes 7, switching between different music libraries became much, much easier:

  • Hold down Option (or Alt in Windows) while launching iTunes.
  • Select or Create your desired iTunes libraries from the dialog box.
  • You can choose from either your local hard drive, an external device, or even a network drive.

Remember that each time you launch iTunes it will automatically select the library that was last open. If you choose to use a network drive and you are not on that network at the time you will need to hold down the Option (Alt in Windows) key when opening you iTunes library to select a different library at that time.

It seems that with every iTunes update, the really good stuff is much less publicized.
Too much music? Wish you could split your collection into two (say, a laptop version [small] and a failure-resistant network-attached storage device [all music ever recorded], for instance)?

One Mac OS X Hints user developed a script to switch between two aliased drives to accomplish this task. Even better solutions are presented in the thread below.


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